What better way to start your work day than with with a sober rave at 6:30AM?

Thanks to Morning Gloryville, Brooklyn residents can now enjoy a morning rave absent of drugs and alcohol. The converted Brooklyn Zoo warehouse in East Williamsburg is now a giant, colorful gymnasium that hosts the fun alternative to your early morning workout.

A $20 ticket to Morning Gloryville gets visitors three hugs upon entry (one from each of the Morning Gloryville crew), a plastic lei, and three and a half hours of dancing. Morning ravers can hit the bar for smoothies, juices, and Brooklyn Roasting co. coffee. This unique new concept, complete with a bouncy floor, trampolines, climbing walls, massage stations, yoga sessions and more, allows attendees to pump themselves up with endorphins to house music before taking on the work day.

Check out photos from the Morning Gloryville morning rave above, and learn more in the video below.

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