You may have thought the glory days of buying your favorite album on vinyl to be played in all its old-school splendor on your living room record player were over. Well, the gramophone may be getting a second chance at life thanks to Rough Trade NYC, a brand new record store opening in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Landing in the infamous mecca of all things hipster, ironic, and outdated, Rough Trade may have found it’s perfect home. As a satellite of the infamous London branch that opened in 1976, at 15,000 square feet, Rough Trade will be the largest record store in NYC. However, Rough Trade aims to be much more than merely a record store. Rough trade will also moonlight as a 300 capacity venue with daily concerts. Rough Trade’s domination on a dying industry may be the key factor that allows it to thrive and flourish in New York. We’re rooting for you Rough Trade, may the art of vinyl live on forever!

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