If you regularly use the subways in NYC, you've undoubtedly come in contact with subway performers. Whether they're handrail gymnasts, breakdancers, or folk singers that think they're in a Mumford band, they've probably annoyed you. Now, TJ Mizell (DJ/producer, member of the trap duo, The Insurgents, and the son of legendary Run-D.M.C. member, Jam Master Jay), has revolutionized the way you look at subway performers. Setting up his turntables on the J train, TJ offers the subway riders a free show, showing off his scratching skills on a Jay-Z medley, dropping a trap remix of "Tom Ford" from Benzi, as well as the Green Lantern remix of "Show Me What You Got." It's only appropriate TJ drops two HOVA classics on his way to Marcy, Brooklyn, and he even does so without going around looking for tips after. Pretty impressive, huh? Peep TJ Mizell's skills on the decks in the video above.

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