He's been known to drop bass in your face and literally tear stages down like he did at Camp Bisco 12, but there is one thing that has always been a mystery about the infamous freeform-producer Bassnectar: the bassdrop. The well-known circular white on black image has been put onto posters, walls, phone cases and even SKIN. Bassnectar, also known as Lorin Ashton, has used this logo to represent himself and his brand. When you see the logo, you know it's him (kind of like Starbucks and their mermaid.)  While some may have created their own reasoning for the logo, not too many know about his.

"The logo is about letting go of human dogma (RELIGION!) and surrendering to a much larger universe, but also embracing every minuscule second and tiny experience as PRECIOUS...It’s a permanent, perfect SIMULTANEOUS dichotomy of total insignificance and total significance merged as one into every single flashing second," Ashton explains on his website.

The logo has acted as his interpretation of a "Yin and Yang" with an open end that flows out endlessly; where on one hand it may resemble something as creepy as a clawed-creature, but on the other hand it resembles something as beautiful as an opening flower. It's a play on duality, in reference to the  balance of positive and negative forces in the universe, he explains. Bassnectar has been known to freely express his thoughts and opinions on any and every given issue, so what better way to express HIMSELF than with this logo?

He goes into further detail about the world's "right" and "wrong", and how the logo plays into that as well. You can read Bassnectar's full explanation on his website.

This guy makes it impossible to NOT love him; doesn't he?