Canadian quartet, Azari & III, have payed their dues playing various clubs and venues throughout their home country. Finally receiving global recognition and a home at Dim Mak records, Azari & Ill are at the forefront of indie dance and nu disco. Their newest single, “Indigo," is a deep house track combined with the nuance of Nu disco. Also released with “Indigo” ard three remixes that each take a unique spin on the tune. Konrad Black takes you deeper in the depths of big room with an even more menacing beat. Serge Santiago’s 12am mix is an upbeat rendition more appropriate for dance club play. Additionally, the acapella mix takes a unique focus on the vocals and the dub mix brings in a much needed big bass line beautifully matched with a transcendent synth. Each remix brings a new interpretation of “Indigo”,as well as a distinctive experience.

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