The brand that brought you the MPK, MPC and APC series has just premiered their brand new MIDImix portable mixer/DAW controller at Frankfurt trade show Musikmesse.

The MIDImix is the laptop producer's SSL console, giving them real-time control over the mix of their tracks. The portable console can turn even the most grass roots setup (Ableton Live on a Macbook) into a cutting-edge electronic music production studio. Tactile control over mixing parameters has yielded legendary mix engineers throughout music's history. Sadly, this field of study has been reserved for those with access to professional recording studios and more often than not requires competency with Pro Tools.

The Akai Professional MIDImix has 1 to 1 mapping with Ableton Live, catering particularly to the electronic music producer. The launchpad-sized controller has 8 individual line faders and 1 master fader for adjusting the relationship between the levels of your track. There are also 24 knobs, arranged 3 per channel, which offer control of sends/returns as well as whatever other midi mapping you'd like to employ. Additionally, there are record and mute/solo options for every channel. And with a single push of the button "Send All," all the mixer settings will be sent to your DAW.

Akai Pro's Product Manager Dan Gill is quoted as saying "...there was just no solution for musicians and producers who needed a compact, easily-portable way to mix and process their projects on site... simply put, this is the best solution for mixing on the go."

The MIDImix will be available for purchase in June 2015 for $99.99. Check out more information on the MIDImix on Akai's official website.