Steve Aoki has released fellow Japanese producer, Ajapai’s dubstep tunes on his own Dim Mak Records. All the way from Tokyo, Ajapai’s tracks “Power 4.0” and “Press the Button” are bound to top the Beatport charts like his previous release “What Do You Hear?” (which made it all the way to #3.) His remix of “Incoming” reached #1 on Beatport’s Drum & Bass chart, a testament to his diversity.

He owns his own label, Ajapai Entertainment, and has released under Rottun Recordings. Though he may not be a household name for dubstep fans yet, Ajapai has worked with Excision and Downlink and toured internationally. With Aoki’s stamp of approval, we can expect “Power” and “Press the Button” to be heard on dancefloors across the nation before you know it.

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