When looking back at the EDM explosion in the United States, one must admire the incredible rate at which the music and culture have grown in just a few years' time. From the ever-growing magnitude and number of EDM festivals to its domination of radio airwaves, dance music has become a mainstream appeal. Steve Aoki's latest interview is a testament to just how big EDM has become.

Katie Couric (famous for her role as an anchor on Dateline and 60 Minutes and now Yahoo Global News Anchor) interviewed Aoki as part of Backstage with Citi, where Couric regularly interviews artists who are showcased as part of the series, giving Citi card members and music fans a glimpse behind the scenes with in-depth, compelling, interviews with some of the biggest names in music. At the beginning of the interview, Aoki states that hearing Couric says "electro-house" has to be one of the coolest moments. It certainly was, and for a multitude of reasons. Katie Couric interviewing an electro-house artist is a monumental occasion. It represents not only its vast popularity, but its recognition from those outside of the EDM community.

Couric's interview with Aoki takes us through his entire rise through the ranks of the music world, from Dim Mak's beginnings to "cakeing" through his current studio endeavors of Neon Future and the forthcoming second installment of the two-part LP. Steve even opens up about his relationship with his late father, a topic that he has not discussed in many interviews. After the interview, Aoki even gives Couric a crash-course on DJing. Check out the video below.

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