Up until now, twerking has only been something that you can enjoy visually. However, we can now enjoy a bouncing butt with our ears as well. That's right, Denmark's beloved headphone brand AIAIAI have launched their "Real Booty Music" project. Dancers can now stick small midi controllers onto their booties that respond to their dance motions and subsequently launch samples loaded by the DJ-producer in their DAW of choice. Some play the keys, others play the bass, but suffice it to say that none are as enthralling to watch as a twerk queen use her body has a living, breathing MPC.

The first twerk queen to create a rhythmic track with the AIAIAI Real Booty Music's controllers is Denmark's Twerk Queen Louise who appeared on stage with Major Lazer at their Orange Stage concert during the 2014 Roskilde festival. Along with Portuguese beatmaker Joao Branko, who goes by the mononym Branko, the two were able to collaborate and create the first masterpiece of Real Booty Music in the form of a proper twerk anthem titled "Cascavel." The tune is appropriately named after a Brazilian city because of the Calypso referencing rhythms that have become synonymous with international booty shaking. Listeners can stream and download the track from Real Booty Music's promo page. We're looking forward to the sample-triggering condoms, although the rhythms might be slightly less danceable.

To hear and download the musical twerk creation "Cascavel," head to AIAIAI's Real Booty Music official page.

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