Where are you from? Well, I was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico and now I currently live in ATL (Moved here June 2009).

For the record and the masses out there. How do you pronounce your name and How did you get the name Kid Cedek? haha, great question. I only laugh cause there is a video floating around at a denny's in dc where im sitting with friends planning my damn DJ name and shit haha! but its pronounced "kid Sa-deck" the cedek comes from my legal first name "merchicedek" and the kid was a reflection from my background as a dancer.

Who were your musical influences growing up? Michael Jackson, Prince, Atmosphere, P.O.S., Dr. Dre, Warren G. Bone Thugs N Harmony, Master P, 504 Boyz, Mase and Puff Daddy, Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z man I could go on forever but thats what immediately came to mind.

How do you describe your style? I basically look like a rapper and a biker had a hispanic baby... but wait you are talking about my music? lol definitely a heavy latin influence in most of my tunes, but I pull elements of hip hop, dnb, dubstep, bmore, moombahton and slam it into a tune.

Do you play any instruments? I actually started taking piano lessons 3 months ago. Aside from that I played the cornet when i was younger (the cornet is basically what you get when someone takes the damn trumpet in music class).

What artists have you collaborated with and what artists would you like to collaborate with? I've collaborated w/ MUST DIE! , Sazon Booya, Mr. Vega, DJ BLASS, BIG MAKK, Nicavitch, Street Lurkin, ETC!ETC!, Dell Harris, Young Lyxx, Stranger Day, RENEGADE EL REY, Sin Diesel and i'd like to collab w/ CRNKN, MUNCHI, VALENTINO KHAN, MAYHEM, HEROES AND VILLAINS, Wale, P.O.S., Bizzy Bone, Kanye, Trinidad James.

What are your thoughts on the state of "EDM" right now? Right now there is a huge opportunity for artists like myself to make their impact on a community that would usually be alienated by the intricate sounds and of bass music I think w/ trap and moombahton makin that break through it really adds a broader potential for this new demographic of electronic music fans.

Thoughts on the term EDM? EDM im kind of whatever about. How about just music? But I call it bass music.

What can fans expect from your new EP? As i mentioned earlier ive been takin piano lessons. Along with learning alot about music theory and taking my sound design and overall composition to the next level. You just need to hear it! Big 808s, Big Kicks, Crazy hats and percussive elements along w/ some super dope vocal samples.

Tell us about your relationship with Sol Republic. Man what can I say about SOL REPUBLIC really? At the end of the day they are music lovers like myself. They believe in my brand, they even made me a pair of custom headphones which I will be doing a give away for soon... We linked up last year around sxsw / miami music week time.

What separates these headphones from any others? At the end of the day I push them hard cause I really believe in their product. The total package, from their creative and unique marketing ideas down to their roster of djs/producers/bands/labels/photographers and so many more on their SAVIORS OF SOUND program... The biggest thing that separates them is that their sound engines are ridiculously accurate for production and just standard listening. They always ask me what I think about their headphones and are always looking to improve their design and functionality, bundle that with a company that also gives away more products than anyone i've ever seen before and tie with a team of friendly / creative individuals and it makes me want to fuckin work for them haha!

But truly no BS, if you have never heard them, for the price point, design and use you CAN'T find a better headphone.

Where is your favorite place to perform? I'd say that right now my favorite place to perform is at Webster Hall, my label Rot10 Musik has a big fan base their along w/ myself so it makes for a really great night! I also love the Quad in my current hometown Atlanta, GA.

Where would you like to perform that you never have before? Somewhere in Amsterdam? It just seems right! Haha, but really UHALL in dc is a big one for me this year I'd love to get there, I've heard so many of my tunes played there and I'd like to be the one to do it!

You have spun the entire Vans Warped Tour. Tell us about this experience. Man, this is a whole topic in itself, I did 48 cities in 8 weeks... Woke up in a new city every morning on the tour bus. We would shut down gas stations and fast food restaurants when we rolled around city by city. Thats really where I got my in depth lesson on to how to play the cross genre sets I play along w/ learning to understand that different crowds in different cities are open to new music you just have to know what kind of stuff they vibe too in their hometown.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

What can fans expect from you in 2013? Lots of new original tunes, my "CATASTROPHE EP" which drops via Club Tapes, a moombahton EP, some production for some high profile artists, lots of new electro singles. some more live mixtapes and some amazing new merchandise! Oh and i almost forgot i definitely am going to be doing some more touring along w/ doing some dates in the UK and Australia and more!

"Don't believe me just watch"

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