The long-awaited, full-length zombified concept album from Zomboy, The Outbreak, has finally dropped. Over the past few months, Zomboy had let several singles trickle out into his Soundcloud to heighten the anticipation of the album's release, which had let us know from the start he would be exploring beyond dubstep and drumstep to other styles of dance music. The 10-track LP features rapper Armanni Reign, vocalist Rykka and a collaboration with fellow bass music producer, MUST DIE! to form a cohesive yet radically diverse collection.

A cinematic VIP remix of an old favorite, reggae-influenced drumstep track, "Nuclear (Hands Up)" introduces the album before it traverses through electro house, trap, breaks, and of course, dubstep. The last track on the album, "Delirium" demonstrates the furthest Zomboy reaches beyond his comfort zone. The progressive house buildup complete with uplifting vocals from Rykka drops into one of Zomboy's new signature sounds but with an interesting reverberant big room effect. Other highlights include the Dog Blood-esque breaks of "Patient Zero" and explosively percussive buildup and drop of "Skull 'n' Bones."

The Outbreak proves to be a successful exploration of sound for Josh Mellody, all with impeccable mixing and mastering skill.

You can buy it on iTunes or Beatport.

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