Although it was cut short, this past #ezoo5 is still bigger than most American Festivals. With over 80 EDM acts on Friday and Saturday, Electric Zoo provided its fair share of amazement. Well let the artists tell you about it! See below:

Just Blaze: Electric Zoo was great! I remember watching it from my studio last year, and saying “I have to be there next year,” and now I am here. The crowd was very responsive, they were with me 100% of the time! It’s been five years, thank yall for having me! I appreciate it, I love Made Events! You put on one of the hottest things to come to New York City’s dance culture - period! Thank you for it, I’m happy to be here as a fan and as a participant!

Dyro: It’s my first year at Electric Zoo, it was everything I expected! We had some technical difficulties during the beginning of my set, so an announcement came from the organization Made Events about the heat and watching out for each other..... Electric Zoo is a unique location, you can see the Manhattan line in the background. Congratulations Electric Zoo on your 5th Year Anniversary, hope to see you next year!

Dannic: First time in New York and first time at Electric Zoo! I just played my first Main Stage at Electric Zoo NY. Awesome, Crazy, Incredible! I didn’t expect it to be honest, I was the second slot of the day! This the cherry on the cake, I played new tracks just for this day at Electric Zoo, this is a big show for me. I want to come back! It was really incredible and I want to thank everyone that was here for me! Thank you guys so much!

Alesia: Huge festival, it’s our first time in New York together! We take it to heart to mix for these people. Everyone is receptive, happy and vibing! Happy Birthday to Electric Zoo for their 5th Anniversary!

John Digweed: Mike and Laura have been building this up for a few years and it just gets better and better each year! They keep improving the festival and that's what people want to see. They keep coming! There’s two Main Stages now and its something you want to see. There’s better sound, better lighting. The reason why Electric Zoo is getting bigger and bigger is because it’s getting better and better; That’s the key with keeping the longevity of a festival. New York has always been a great place for me to play. Congrats to Mike and Laura from Made Events, this is another stellar event! The success of this will be followed by many more!

Firebeatz: (Roseland After Party)Crowd was really responsive, it was great to play here in New York for you guys - amazing energy.
In regards to Electric Zoo Sunday Cancellation:
You guys have to pay attention and be safe. It’s too bad what happened today, we’ll make it up to you! We hope to be back in New York next year for Electric Zoo.

Henrix: Just finished playing the Electric Zoo Main Stage! It was my first time playing at Electric Zoo, it was amazing! This is festival is amazing, one of the biggest because it’s in New York. Thank you Made Events! Thank you Electric Zoo! Everybody who put together this festival! My favorite part was playing the Main Stage and the festival itself. The environment with all of its artists and the energy from the crowd is amazing! People come across the world just to attend Electric Zoo!

Zomboy: It was an amazing experience, we can check this off our list of things to do! I had an early bird shift, but managed to pack out the tent. I love American crowd, they have so much energy and commitment! They travel from thousands of miles around just to see you, it means so much.