After the track was teased by Zedd on social media for weeks, he has released the track for the world to hear. “I Want You To Know” featuring significant other Selena Gomez has been unveiled, once again showing off Zedd’s ability to produce tracks with mainstream appeal and pop-crossover potential. The track comes complete with the energetic glitchy sound fans have come to expect from Zedd, with melodic progressions that pack a punch. “I Want You To Know” is a track that will certainly receive a ton of play on the airwaves, while never being out of place at the biggest dance music festivals. You can pre-order the single on iTunes.

Now, Elephante has delivered on a remix of the initial single from the forthcoming Zedd album, True Colors. This remix comes shortly after he put his signature touch on the hit Jack U track with Justin Bieber, "Where Are U Now." Basically, transforming tracks into bright, uplifting anthems are nothing new to the Los Angeles-based DJ-produced. This remix of "I Want You To Know" is a fitting summer hit, sure to receive a ton of play during peak hours at the season's biggest festivals. What's more is Elephante has generously offered up this track for download free of charge. Head to Elephante's SongChimp to grab the track, and watch for more to come from Elephante soon.

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