Prior to the release of his True Colors LP, Zedd released the album's second single, "Beautiful Now" featuring Jon Bellion (a singer-songwriter famous for tracks like “Simple and Sweet” and “Carry Your Throne,” and has written hit songs like Eminem and Rihanna’s “The Monster” and Jason Deluro’s “Trumpets”). “Beautiful Now” is another pop-oriented track from Zedd, a sound he has exhibited in the previously released singles from the album. It also presents us with the style that has come to define Zedd’s music. Placing an emphasis on real instruments, with minimal electronic elements, listeners can hear the presence of piano, guitar and strings in the track. However, it still provides the energetic dance sound that has boosted Zedd’s name to the mainstream.

Now, newcomer DJ-producer Bash To The Rescue has stepped in to give the track the dose of dance music music life it needs to earn plays at the biggest and best clubs. Having been bred in the New York club scene, Bash To The Rescue clearly knows the sound and style that gets crowds moving. This house-y take on the Zedd single, complete with old-school house-inspired piano progressions and infectious synth lines, it's a switch-up from his debut tropical house remix of Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again," which climbed up the Hype Machine remix charts. With this remix, Bash To The Rescue is establishing himself as a very promising, versatile force as a producer. This is certainly not the last we'll be hearing from Bash To The Rescue. Watch for more to come from him soon.

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