Arriving to a packed ballroom at Webster Hall Friday night, Zedd, rose to cheers and cries from hundreds of adoring fans. Originally a one night gig, a second night was added after the overwhelming fan response. Both nights quickly sold out and Zedd along side Tommie Sunshine, Alex Metric, and Alex English made Webster Hall quake and clarified exactly why these shows sold out in hours flat.

By the time the 23-year-old Russian Anton Zaslavski (Zedd) hit the stage Webster Hall was teaming with sweaty bodies ready to unleash havoc as the youngster dropped his first track. The ballroom erupted into a cluster of thrashing bodies as he played a wide “Spectrum” of tracks. Everything from trap to dubstep was dropped into his mix. Combined with a stellar light show and superb delivery, Zedd confirmed that he is an absolutely larger than life talent and performer. Atmospheric bliss erupted as the crowd swayed and sang their hearts out to Zedd’s number one hit “Clarity.” Spinning into the early morning hours, Zedd’s set finally ended around 3 am, only to be handed over to the legendary Tommie Sunshine.

Not to be out done by a 23-year-old, Chicago native Tommie Sunshine came onto the decks with furious energy. The certified rock star reenergized the crowd and kept the party going until 5am. Playing monster track after monster track it felt like there was no way the crowd had been dancing non-stop for the past three hours. The ballroom exploded into a dance frenzy as Sunshine streamed together club ready electro house for an incredible set. For those who had the endurance to survive the exhausting show, Tommie handed out autographed copies of his new EP “Growth.” Overall the show was an eclectic feast for the eyes and ears, and well deserving of it’s sold out status.

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