Flume announced in February that he will be parting ways with Chris “Emoh” Emerson and their collaborative group What So Not. Those who have seen What So Not live know that Flume was not a regular touring member of the group, as a great majority of the live What So Not performances were done solely by Emoh, though he played an integral role in the group’s production side. However, his departure will come following one final EP with the group.

What So Not unveiled the title track from the EP in early April, which comes in the form of a collaboration with up and coming Australian artist George Maple. The track is a mellow, chilled-out track that brings the production style fans have come to know from the duo. With its mesmerizing key breakdowns and Maple’s soothing, ambient vocals, this track hints at the greatness that awaits the EP’s full release.

Now, Emoh has given fans a preview to more of what will be featured on Gemini, opening up his hour-long mix on Australia's Triple J Radio. This track, titled "Oddity," is a trap creation that contains the kind of experimental nature and brilliant production we've come to expect from the combination of Emoh and Flume. Sadly, it will be their last works together, but at least fans have what guarantees to be an incredible release to look forward to. Listen to the track in the beginning of Emoh's mix here. Also, stay tuned for official release information on Gemini to come soon.

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