Back in July of 2014, Emoh Instead of What So Not posted the Instagram pic seen above of himself, former What So Not member Flume, and OWSLA label captain Skrillex in a Boston studio together. This led us to believe that there are some new tracks in progress. After serving as support for Skrillex since his Mothership Tour, this collaboration seems to have been in the works for some time.

Fast forward to April of 2015, What So Not gave fans the first listen to their forthcoming EP, which came in the form of the release's title track "Gemini," which features Australian vocalist George Maple. This EP, which marks Flume's final release on the production side of the What So Not project, is rumored to contain collaborations with Skrillex and Dillon Francis. This has had fans hungry to get their first listens to these massive collaborations.

At his show in Germany, RL Grime treated fans to exactly that, unveiling the What So Not x Skrillex collaboration. This short preview shows that the collaboration is what fans may have been expecting — an energetic fusion of both of their unmistakable sounds and styles. Needless to say, this very well may be one of year's biggest collaborations, and one that you can expect to hear all throughout the 2015 summer season.

While no information on the official release of the Gemini EP have been revealed, it should be coming our way soon. Stay tuned for that information and hopefully, an official preview to arrive shortly.

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