The mash-up is a dying art of sorts. Unless its Girl Talk, it's generally just annoying. The other exception to the rule is The Hood Internet, a Chicago duo whose mash-ups are truly some of the best there are. They've made their living combining artists and songs that no one would've previously thought would blend as beautifully as they do. Some of their most brilliant unlikely combinations have been Disclosure's "When A Fire Starts To Burn" with Bel Biv & Devoe's "Poison," and Porter Robinson's "Divinity" with Beyonce's "XO." It may sound strange, but check out the Soundcloud. It's loaded with gems like these.

Now, they have unleashed their newest concoction. It's a mixture of Flume's latest creation, the collaboration with Miike Snow vocalist Andrew Wyatt, "Some Minds," and the classic hip-hop track "Big Poppa" from the Notorious B.I.G.. Listen to the mash-up above and familiarize yourself with these mash-up pros.

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