After signing Deadmau5 one month ago, Astralwerks is making another big move by signing 21-year-old EDM superstar, Porter Robinson. Details about the deal were not released but Porter cited Astralwerks' non-EDM experience as one of his reasons for signing. This makes sense given the fact that Porter described his upcoming album as being "not standard DJ music." The amount of hype around Porter's upcoming album is tremendous, with Astralwerks signing the young talent after a bidding war ended with what the label's GM, Glenn Mendlinger, described as a "very competitive deal."

“There were a lot of contenders for trying to get this album and trying to sign me overall," Porter said about the upcoming album. Mendlinger went on to say that we should "Expect genre-defying music, technology, visual art, forward-thinking social media integration and a bold touring strategy" from Porter's work. The partnership between Porter Robinson and Astralwerks has been called “a long-term and multi-faceted partnership,” one which we can hope and expect will deliver some fantastic music.

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