Porter Robinson certainly has some devoted fans. So much so that one fan has gone to incredible lengths to create a 90-minute compilation of fan videos from his 'Worlds Tour,' giving those who were not fortunate enough to experience it in person a glimpse into the beautiful production of the tour.

It must've taken hours upon hours of sifting through YouTube uploads of the Porter Robinson tour to compile a clean mix that takes fans through the extensive track listing (which you can see below). However, YouTube user HuntroxicMusic, like the extremely dedicated Porter fan that he is, has done just that, and the resulting video is an amazing look into the live tour. Check out the video above.

Porter Robinson is set to take his 'Worlds' live show to Ultra in Buenos Aires, before he hitting New Orleans for BUKU Music & Arts Festival and both weekends of Coachella later in the year. For those who have not had the chance to see the live show, you should jump on the opportunity to experience one of the most unique and enjoyable live music productions around.

For tour dates and more information, head to Porter Robinson's official website.

Track List:
0:00 – Intro
3:04 – Sad Machine
10:15 – Flicker
16:05 – Easy
19:52 – Easy (Worlds Edit)
22:21 – Sea of Voices
27:05 – Unison
30:16 – Fresh Static Snow
36:12 – Divinity
42:33 – Years of War
48:10 – Say My Name
51:41 – Fellow Feeling
57:57 – Natural Light
1:02:00 – ID
1:06:03 – The Seconds
1:08:28 – Lionhearted
1:14:53 – Goodbye To A World
1:20:38 – Language
1:24:57 – Credits

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