Well, it's officially begun. The remixes of Sophia Grace's hit "Best Friends" are starting to roll in.

Doing the honors is Sydney-based DJ-producer Wax Motif, who puts his signature spin on the new (G-House?) classic. For those who are really out of the loop, Sophia Grace is that cute little British girl from the Ellen DeGeneres Show who quickly became famous after the world found out she can rap Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass." She recently released her first original track, the song in question "Best Friends," and broke the Internet faster than Kim K's oiled-up rump.

Once the track hit the web, the EDM blogosphere knew it was simply a matter of time until the remixes came. Now that we've all been singing "if you got a friend like that" nonstop while simultaneously realizing an 11-year-old is far cooler and more successful than any of us, here they are — right on schedule.

Kicking things off is Wax Motif, delivering a remix titled "Numer 1 Gurrrl," which he has classified as #TROLLHOUSE. Speeding up the track's tempo and throwing in a  dance-y vibe, Wax Motif — dare I say it? — has actually improved the song. Now, he has suited everyone's favorite new jam for the clubs, guaranteed to troll and/or please dancefloors everywhere.

What's more is Wax Motif has offered up this track to his fans for download free of charge. Finally a new way to enjoy Sophia Grace's "Best Friends" for EDM and pop-music fans alike. Listen to the track below and download it via Wax Motif's Soundcloud.


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