In coming weeks, GDD™ will be joining forces with blogs around the world for collaborative editions of The Dirt. So far, they have teamed up with Discobelle and Stoney Roads, and this week we've put together a comprehensive 10-pack of tracks with our buddy Jonah over at Gotta Dance Dirty. All 10 are available for download, check them out below to see what we have in store for you this week!

GDD™ Picks

Jonas Rathsman is such a kind soul. He gives away music for free all the time and it's all so darn good. Go deep.

Another deep one for you from Berlin's Soul Button out on Circus Company this month. Dat sexy bassline.

This track is getting played out everywhere at the moment from Baauer to UZ. A massive Trap track with a brilliant sample.

In celebration of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange being granted asylum in Ecuador, our mate Waxy put together a banging 2012 rendition of this old school classic.

Jerome has gone off on his own to pursue his solo career under the new moniker, Jerome LOL, and he's just released this pair of tracks for free on his Soundcloud. Looking forward to more from Jerome LOL.


Jeremih's seductive lyrics and well-placed snaps give way to a glitchy breakdown that still keeps things sexy.

The laser-sharp synths of "Spaceman" lend themselves surprisingly well to a Trap remix, and the melody is somehow even more infectious when brought down to trap speed. We don't see Hardwell dropping this in one of his fast-paced sets anytime soon, but we'll be bumping it for a long time to come.

We've made no secret of our love for the ubiquitous "Gangnam Style" and Candyland has a knack for the unexpected, so this "OG Remix" is a match made in drumstep/trap heaven. The Psy vocal gets slowed down from the original speed and infused with a serious dose of swagger.

Good luck getting this one out of your head: with a simple refrain repeated over a trap-meets-moombahton beat, "That A$$" is a track you'll find yourself coming back to whenever you're in need of floor-rattling bass.

"Internet Friends" is a consummate EDM classic and has been remixed to no end... but never like this. Revolvr surprises with new vocals and a hard-as-hell glitch-hop breakdown.


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