Everyone has that friend who hates on electronic music. You know, the one who's like "it's not even real music" or "they don't even play instruments." Well Tommy Trash and Wax Motif just gave you another good reason to smack those people in the side of the head.

The two producers behind the thumping progressive house collaboration "Hex," which was originally released by Nicky Romero's Protocol Recordings, have teamed up again to give fans a new way to enjoy the track. With Tommy Trash plays the melody on piano and an eight-piece string section taking the place of the track's powerful synths, "Hex" (Deconstructed) is born — a beautiful classical masterpiece that stays true to the track's original melody. You can download the deconstructed version of the track on Hive. Also, listen to the original track below to compare both versions.

In 2014, we saw  do something similar when he, Miriam Bryant and Matthew Koma stripped down "Find You," resulting in a heartwarming new way to enjoy the track. This is something Zedd has done time and time again, as he is a classically trained pianist, and multi-instrumentalist since the time he was a child. These examples only further support the fact that producers are both great musicians and brilliant musical minds.

So next time your nay-saying friend has some unenlightened things to say about electronic music, play these videos for them, and swiftly smack them upside the head. Pro tip: use the palm, not the fingers. Also, if you slap using an upward motion you'll get a satisfying smacking sound.

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