The U.K.'s Tut Tut Child (real name Nick Kingsley) knows a thing or two about infectious house melodies. That's just what he's given us with his newest Monstercat release "I Can't." The title's derived from the sampled soul hook that loops throughout the track's verses singing the down-pitched lyrics, "I can't love you."

Tut Tut Child paints a vivid sonic image in the listener's mind with an ethereal pad that sustains each chord under wet piano stabs that splash the ear like diatonic dolphins jumping from a glistening sea of arpeggios as bright as bioluminescent jellyfish. Just as the music settles into a steady-rocking flow, we're launched into a 16-bar deep house drop featuring not one, but two bass sounds playing against each other in conversational synergy.  The second drop sees an alteration in the bassline's timbre and adds occasional detuned house chords to the mix, providing both contrast and variety.
Tut Tut Child made his name with heavier bass-driven tunes such as "Hot Pursuit," "Drink Up" and "Power Fracture," as well as the more ambient Adventure-Club-resembling drumstep tracks like "Plain Sight" and "Breathe." However, "I Can't" marks Kingsley's plunge into the 90's deep house revival. We can attribute Tut Tut Child's venture into a sound that varies from his norm to Monstercat's support for their artist whenever they endeavor to step out of their comfort zones and deliver a fresh, new work of art to their fans.  Press play to witness first hand how Tut Tut Child makes each burgeoning genre his very own, and purchase the track on Beatport.