You all know the saying:"Age is just a number."

I have always believed this. Now comes along a video for Treasure Fingers song "Rooftop Revival," which takes the words out of my mouth and into this visually stunning music video. It follows an older gentlemen who gets dressed for the night, picks up the girl, and goes to the rooftop party where as he enters.

He transforms from his older self into his younger self. At the end of the video, you can see everyone at the party restored back into their older selves, proving what the power of music can do to anyone of any age.

Not only do you get to enjoy this video, but sit back, relax and savor this 59-minute deep, dirty, late-night disco house mix from Treasure Fingers below.


1. edwin van cleef - never be alone at night (feat. gemini club)
2. PWNDTIAC - angus beef
3. Claptone - she loves you
4. toni toni lee - girl i used to know (VIP mix)
5. alexander fog & alberto drago - talented girl
6. baramuda & deex - funk you come again (filthy rich remix)
7. geisha twins - do you feel the same (jackie remix)
8. joey chicago - so in love
9. fifteenth - tomorrow
10. mirror people - feel the need (feat rowetta) (social disco club 'hi-nrg' dub)
11. mix chopin - move your body
12. whitenoize - honey love
13. quakers and mormons - new york town (lenno remix)
14. kreap - housebreak (amtrac remix)
15. clubfeet - last words (dimitri from paris remix)

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