Once a year, every year since the late 1700's, Americans have been celebrating the glorious day that granted the Unites States its independence from Great Britain. While barbecues, fireworks and water balloons seem to suffice for the youngsters and elders, the stragglers in between have always looked for a little something more.

This year, us NYC stragglers--better known as party goers--have A LOT more to be excited for. Livening up the meat packing district at Cielo Club this Friday will be Treasure Fingers, Solidisco and Codes. The three combined are bound to bring the funk and soul back into the electronic scene with their blatant advocacy for house, disco, and club music.

Treasure Fingers is known to be a purveyor of feel good house music and funk connoisseur, which he previews with his latest hypnotic hit Bad MF featuring Anna Lunoe. Solidisco's name says it all with the two traveling the globe playing disco to fund their quest to find the world's greatest taco. Lastly, Codes has always been known to bring that signature "Brooklyn Bounce" sound with his ingenious sample manipulation laced with big drums. So, join us this Friday the fourth of July to pledge allegiance to the funk and disco of America at the Built By MeanRed event. After all, to some it might sound better than eating a few hot dogs and watching the routined fireworks at a beach or park.

Grab your tickets for this 21+ event right here!

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