Words and Photo by: Brandon Taylor

Music festivals allow fans to celebrate the music they love with the people who make them love it most; for the 3rd year of Decadence this was no exception. Night one brought house, bass, trap and freaky monsters. While night two focused around Pretty Lights Music, Trance, Bass and the celebration of a New Year!
3 stages divided the Denver Conventions Center into a musical playground for EDM fans to enjoy. Australia twins Nervo, got the night started with their second ever Denver performance. “Your Gonna Love Again” and “Hold On” had the crowd feeling complete unity in a LED wonderland of house favorites. Hopefully after a nearly packed set, the beautiful “Cover Girl” duo will find themselves returning to Colorado this 2014. As if their caliber of skill wasn’t enough, Dada Life was next on the Global Dance stage. This hour set would be chalked full of confetti, co2 and inflatable bananas. They say that Dada Land is a spectacle to witness; I would definitely hope Denver made a good impression. If you didn’t find yourself in the banana frenzy you were probably dancing to the beat of Keys N’ Krates or Break Science. Both acts held down the Bass Arena and showed why there new tunes will be a must have for 2014.
Overlapping set times are never easy. So when it came down to Tiesto, on the Global Dance stage and Beats Antique at the Bass Arena, decisions had to be made. Fortunately both acts brought the heat and made either chose a successful one. Tiesto, a name that will permanently be embedded in electronic history. A show, that’s what he brought and will continue bringing. Never a dull moment or time where you find yourself wanting more. This goes the same for Beats Antique! Dave and Tommy with their insane musical talent and Zoe the dancer who leaves the boys saying…
“I will marry her!”
Each time this group comes to Colorado they bring something new. Last time it was an array of costumes and dancers. This time more dancers and a 15 foot inflatable monster. Zoe and crew help fight off the beast, while Dave and Tommy captivated the creature with their hypnotic beats.
However, a monster was no match for Bassnectar. To a now packed house, Lorin played to his largest single night event in Denver history. Lasers, ladies one shoulders and massive confetti showers helped add the ambiance that was Decadence night one. As the chaos drew to a close, Bassnectar only made the fans more pumped for 2014 by concluding with.
“Denver, we have something special planned for you!”
With less then 24hrs left in the year, the fans of Decadence made their way to the Convention Center for night two of this epic event! After a night of multiple musical talents, the crowd was looking forward to a evening of Pretty Lights music and some of the nation’s best EDM. Paul Basic started the night with an hour set on the Global Dance stage. This set included jams from his “Transient Horizons” and “The Mirror” EP’s as well as his remix from “A Color Map of the Sun”. As the crowd filled the number of PL flags only increased. 3 hours of Pretty Lights(Live) was on its way. But first Above& Beyond needed to captivated the crowd!
Two thirds of A&B blessed the souls of Decadence with a beautiful set of old and new. Group therapy was brought to us all through great visuals, a passion for creating music and an interactive way if including the crowd through texts. A&B continuously used a teleprompter to tell emotion and describe their feeling about the night through a simple message.
“Never forget about the ones who loved you back Christmas!”
While some stayed for techno and trance that BT displayed in the Global Dance Arena, others headed to the Bass Arena to get a full dose of subwoofer vibration. 12th planet and Datsik showed why they continue to be one of the biggest names in dubstep. Datsik will be preparing for the upcoming Digital Assassins tour, featuring Getter and Herobust. While 12th planet kicks off the SMOG CITY tour; making both a Denver and Boulder stop! As New Year drew to a close the fans of Decadence began the PL chant.
Derick Vincent Smith, a man who has single handedly created a family that covers globe. A native to Colorado and a musician who will always love his home. This 3 hour live set had no set breaks, no flaws and no jams that weren’t played. As the clock hit midnight and the confetti poured from the ceiling it was clear as to why he was here. Colorado has slowly become one of the biggest musical states in the country. We will never be a New York, Miami or LA but we will always be the greenest, most loving set of fans you will ever meet.
“Come on Colorado, I want to smell you.” Derick announced, king size in hand.
In unison joints, bowls, and blunts were lit to salute this CO native and to thank our him our state and music family for yet another successful year. So for the 2014 season I ask the crew at Decadence.
“What’s next?! It just keeps getting better!”

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