Panasonic was nice enough to send me the Technics RP-DH1250 headphones to test out and review. Per usual, I was getting ready to travel to Las Vegas so what better place to test the headphones then at the airport and on the plane. My day started in the cab at 5:45am and to get me awake for what was sure to be a long check in line and wait to board the plane as it's always a horrible process, I put on the fresh new Technics and preceded to blast the Krewella 'Play Hard' EP. One of my favors of the year. The sound was incredible. I heard each instrument that was used in the tracks and for me that was very important. After 45 minutes of driving, I arrived at the airport and kept the headphones on me while going through security. The security guard came up to me and started interrogating me about the headphones. He thought it was so cool how they folded up, he asked me what they sounded like, how much they were, and at that point I told him, you're going to make me miss my flight. The people behind me weren't amused as well considering this back and forth was holding up the line. To think that these headphones caused that kind of reaction was pretty crazy.

I then boarded the plane and tested the headphones out for another 5+ hours varying from watching the usual ESPN to listening to more music and working. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with these as I know other models are made specifically for DJs and when it comes to consumers, it is an entirely different world. At a price point of $269.99, you get your bang for your buck. Check out the rest of the information on these headphones below.


Interchangeable DJ coiled and iPhone microphone cords
Free-style monitoring with swivel mechanism
Reversible housing for single-side monitoring
Wide padded headband
Foldable design with carrying pouch
3,500 mW power handling capacity
5Hz~30kHz frequency response
24K gold-plated L-type stereo plug adaptor
Made in Japan

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