Krewella is fresh off unveiling their new single "Somewhere To Run," which displays the new rock-infused sound of the once three-piece group. Following the departure and pending lawsuit from former member Kris “Rain Man” Trindl, the duo of the Yousaf sisters have begun to take on a new style, in both the studio and on stage. At this past weekend's Ultra Music Festival, they premiered their new live performance, which brings rock and EDM to the stage together.

Performing on the Live Stage at Ultra Music Festival, Krewella were joined by a drummer and a guitarist. Along with their CDJs, the resulting set, which was streamed live via "Ultra Live," contained rock, electro, dubstep, trap and more. It seems one fellow DJ was not a fan of their new performance. Deadmau5 tried to call out Krewella for not having their mixers plugged in. Deadmau5 tweeted "You wanna plug your s--- in?" and that he  "figured they might hide their backline a bit better." However, Krewella responded by squashing Deadmau5's attempt to expose them with the tweet below.

krewella tweet

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