EDM Stars Hit the Red Carpet at the GRAMMYs
Last night marked the year's biggest event in music, the GRAMMYs. With a variety of the dance music artists nominated for GRAMMYs, some of EDM's biggest names hit the red carpet in style, bringing new meaning to the term "Sunday's Best."
EDM steals the show at the Grammys
With each year, dance music seems to play a bigger and bigger part in not only the Grammys, but in music in general. As pop music continues to take on the form of dance music, EDM has come to define most of today's radio hits. Thus, it is only necessary that its presence at events like the Gram…
Deadmau5 takes his mau5head off for Carson Daly
Ever wonder if deadmau5 wanted to stay anonymous? Ever wonder sis thoughts on the Grammys with the Foo Fighters, David Guetta, and the EDM world? Above is an intimate interview with the mau5 man him5elf and Carson Daly at the House of Blues...

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