The current heatwave and impending thunderstorm couldn’t stop New Yorkers from selling out Laidback Lukes Super You & Me on Governors Island. I arrived a bit into Gina Turners set and was genuinely surprised by the amount of people in full superhero attire. Even though it was only 6:30 pm, the island was as packed as I had ever seen it. Gina opened up for Carnage with a mix of upbeat house songs with a slew of bass heavy bangers thrown in for the trap heads in the audience. Towards the end of her set her superhero husband, in civilian attire, Laidback Luke, graced the audience. After properly getting the audience into a frenzy everyone was ready to enter A State of Carnage. Donning a Jason Voorhees mask, Carnage came out strong, dropping a hard hitting Electro-House banger, and from that second everyone knew that this next hour and a half was sure to be remarkable. Carnage dropped his usual bangers including a trap remix to FTS by Showtek and his infamous song Katie got Bandz. Also thrown in the mix was the cult favorite Suavemente and everyone went absolutely wild when Drakes verse in Versace dropped. In the back of my mind I could only think about when Michael Jordan would be dropped and before I knew it, it was that time. As Carnage announced that he was dropping his new song Michael Jordan you could instantly see all the fanboys throwing up their bulls Jerseys for everyone to see. He then played his remix to Spaceman by Hardwell, the crowd was still eager for more and Carnage kept delivering bass filled banger after banger setting up the crowd for the dub duo known as Adventure Club.

Unfortunately, Adventure club's duo wasn't combined, only Leighton James was present due to the fact that Christian is sick, but Leighton more than made up for his missing partner. Adventure Club has never ceased to amaze me. Time after time, they’re able to make the crowd lose their minds with their dub filled sounds. As the final fans arrived on the island Adventure Club hopped up on the decks and opened with the "BARE" remix to Sunrise giving fans a live snippet of the most recent iteration of their Superheroes Anonymous mix. Following up with their staples Rise & Fall Ft. Krewella, "Crave You," and my personal favorite "Youth." Leighton had lulled the crowd into a wild state of dance. Adventure Club has long been talking about their new upcoming album and over the course of their sets two new songs were dropped. One of the tracks titled “Gold” infuses those emotion evoking lyrics adventure club is well known for with a massive bass filled drop eerily reminiscent of their latest song "Lullabies." As the hour and a half of the dub filled ride came to an end it was time for the last superhero Laidback Luke, to don his mask and take the stage.

After the four hour buildup to the main act, slowly but surely the L shaped foam fingers that were thrown out into the crowd had slowly begun to come up. Finally the ravers became impatient and began to call out for the superhero himself. Mammoth took over the speakers and soon morphed into Pogo as Laidback Luke took the stage and the crowd finally got what they were craving. Everywhere you looked there was either a batman pumping his fist, a superwoman jumping up and down or even Carnage himself bumping to the music right above the crowd in the VIP section. If you looked close enough you could see Mr. Luke's face painted with a superhero mask to compliment his up raging fans. He kept the crowd going by throwing out Indestructible, Heartbreaker and Let it go, all personal remixes. Not only was the music holding the crowd in a euphoria, but the bright lights and the cool breeze through the tent only made the experience more exhilarating; after all, we did have a view of the New York Skyline. Before I knew it Laidback Luke finally threw down one of his famous bangers with Steve Aoki, the crowd exploded to Lil Jon's voice airing through the speakers as No Beef took over the ravers. As the night was close to over, I had turned my head to look to the crowd as I heard Frank Sinatra's voice spiraling past the house beats, I soon found myself singing along to New York New York with everyone else in the audience. I couldn't have picked a more appropriate song to end the steaming summer night before heading back to the ferry into the real world again

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