Going back to Governor’s Island after the debacle that was last week's Benny Benassi & Friends event there — lines stretching around blocks, ferries to the venue few and far between, and what generally felt like endless waiting – seemed like a scary idea. But when Made Event released a statement last week saying it was taking steps improve the situation for the Laidback Luke's Super You & Me show, the company delivered on its promise.

Achieving the unthinkable and catching the first act of the day, Oliver Twizt, was an unexpected surprise. His remix of Afrojack’s “Polka Dots” catapulted him into the dance world, and the Dutch DJ was a perfect fit with the Super You & Me brand. PeaceTreaty followed the first act of the day clad in a Power Rangers suit and shocked the crowd with Ash’s “Papa (MAKJ Edit)”, a groovy mix that had everyone dancing.

After his phenomenal show at Webster Hall back in April, Tommy Trash was greeted with cheers from the New York crowd, the energy level rising palpably when he hit the decks. Trash knows how to pump up a party, especially if he’s dousing the crowd in champagne and playing his remix of Deadmau5's “The Veldt” at the same time, or dropping unidentified songs that get everyone excited for more. Although following a Tommy Trash set is tough, Datsik came prepared. He may bring the dubstep "wobble" more than the other artists of the day, but it’s hard not to listen to a mash-up of 90s classic “Jump Around” and Skrillex's “Reptile’s Theme” and do anything besides, well, jump around. Dropping Flux Pavillion’s remix of “Gold Dust” by DJ Fresh and Sub Focus’ remix of “Hold On” were also crowd pleasers.

It’s a known fact that Laidback Luke is an NYC favorite, and by the time Datsik finished his last song, the chanting began. Maybe this is why he opened with a brand new track featuring female vocals singing about “a night like this;" the explosive LBL-style drop took the collective breath of the entire crowd. The Dutch DJ has a talent for playing what the crowd wants to hear…before they even know they want to hear it. It’s that consistency – paired with his wild versatility and taste for the unexpected – that draws people to Luke, especially his live performances. The mash-up of "Rattle" (Bingo Players) and "Empire State of Mind" (Jay-Z & Alicia Keys) was a fan favorite and a fitting tribute to the venue. It’s almost impossible to stop writing about a LBL set; his massive stage presence, partnered with his song-a-minute style, is so impressive that it's tough to keep from gushing.

Heading back to the mainland post-show was a much better experience as well; this time, there wasn’t one security guard yelling at thousands of people to “GET IN A SINGLE FILE LINE” (yes, that actually happened last weekend). Smoothly and safely, the party people of Governor's Island made it back to New York, ears ringing and feet sore from dancing all day. It was another successful and outrageously fun Super You & Me.

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