If you have the misfortune of never having seen Justice perform their other worldly music in concert, then you’re in for a treat. The French super-duo have a history of gifting fans with impeccably recorded concert sets through full-length album releases, having last done it with 2008’s A Cross the Universe. Justice fans around the world can again rejoice with the May 7th release of 'All Access Areas' on Ed Banger Records. The excellent new album was recorded live at Nimes Arena last year and packs an 80-minute punch. The duo masterfully showcases the immense power and force they ferociously bring to their shows, always striving for face-melting and earth-shaking energy. They rework album tracks into an epic and visceral 14 song medley, breathing new life and fire into all of them. Those who have been lucky to see the pair live can attest to the fact that the album invokes the same chills as those from Justice’s life-changing live-experiences. However, don’t fret if you haven’t caught them in concert just yet! Access All Arenas in streaming in all of its bass-laden glory for free on Spotify! Make sure to check it out asap and pre-order the track at www.justiceaaa.com. Also for your viewing pleasure is “The Blueprint," a recent documentary on Justice’s immense live productions! Watch the documentary above!

Stream the album on Spotify here.