Even though these are remixes they stand as some of the greatest songs you can ever dance to. Soulwax aka Radio Soulwax (the name of their radio station that plays 24 original one hour-long mixes) aka 2manydjs is The Dewaele Brothers current musical iteration, alongside bassist Stefaan Van Leuven and drummer Steve Slingeneyer. You might have heard them in GTAV on the Soulwax FM station, or you’ve had a “best party ever” experience and they were likely playing at some point. Either way, prepare to discover that part of you you’ve always been missing with this list of the top 5 Soulwax remixes. Enjoy:

1. Sprawl 2- Arcade Fire

2. You Can’t Always Get What You Want- The Rolling Stones

3. Get Innocuous- LCD Soundsystem

4. Kids- MGMT

5. Justice- Phantom pt. 2

- James Shrieve

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