Strange VIP released a five-track EP entitled “No Future” from Trouble&Bass Recordings this week. The EP sounds like a Halloween party in January – dark, haunting, dramatic, and nightmarish, and all the while hip hoppy, futuristic, trappy, and moody.

The first track, “Funeral at Skyland Mountain,” incorporates maniacal laughs and a haunting female voice in combination with hip beats to create a dramatic introduction. The rap-reminiscent second track, “Back to H3ll,” continues the wacky laughs and electronic beat which transitions into the trap-heavy banger, “Take Me From Heaven.” Then the EP moves into a theme, like a movie with a looming tragedy with, “When I Die,” which leaves us hanging until the final track, “No One Left,” gives listeners the climax and fade out of a soundtrack to a great sci-fi drama.

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