New York based producer/DJ Stereoshock brings us his version on “The Road Back Home” vs. “Eagles”. This Big Room house edit is sure to get your feet moving, but there’s something different about this edit. In the description of this song, an emotional Stereoshock, or should I say Josh Cohen, tells us:

“For those who have been following my music over the past year, I hope that I have audibly proven that I try and stray away from the current trends among the dance music scene.

Based on what I have released, and what is planned for the rest of the year, I can attest that it is one of the things I am most proud of as an artist.
When I created this edit, hearing Eagles brought back nostalgia. To some people, it is a record that was released 2 years ago, but to me, it was a time when the scene was very different.

This edit takes me on a personal, Road Back Home... “

Once you’ve liked his Facebook page and downloaded the song for free, make sure to sit back, relax and let this song take YOU on a road back home.

Written by: Chelsea Gammara

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