In late 2013 we saw M4SONIC gave Adrian Lux's single "Damaged" his signature launchpad treatment. This same performance style helped to launch his career into a record deal with one of Dance Music's most prestigious labels, Ultra Music.

When looking at a pair of hands pressing launchpad triggers, you may be reminded of Madeon. However, there are no looped samples being spun in the background. That means whenever you hear a sound, it's solely due to Nick's triggering.

45 million youtube views later, the Australian upstart brings us an original mix in collaboration with Denzal Park and Dirt Cheap titled "Into the Light" which had the pleasure of receiving Adrian Lux's smooth syncopated bass treatment.

This song epitomizes electronic music to the hilt. With sawtooth synthesizers, vocoded vocals and percussive arpeggios, you can expect to feel like you're swimming in a sea of Minecraft beach balls while eating handfuls of blue and pink cotton candy.

Catch M4SONIC on the Van's Warped Tour July 2015!

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words by Mark Wolf

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