Sander van Doorn

sander van doorn

You just released a new track entitled "Get Enough." What are 3 things you can't get enough of.

1) Music
2) Studio time
3) My fans

With new gear, production techniques and genres bubbling up more rapidly than ever, can we expect some new episodes of "Studio Sessions" anytime soon?

Sander: I haven’t planned any.. so busy with touring right now. But maybe in the future!

What artists and upcoming releases on Doorn Records are you most excited for?

Sander: Tristan Garner, Gregori Klosman & Albin Myers – Pressure and Borgeous – Breathe are definitely some of my favorites

What distinguished Moonrise festival from the other festivals you've played this summer?

Sander: The crowd was totally amazing, it was a great show!!!

If you could change 1 thing about the EDM terrain today, what would it be?

Sander: That we keep the ticket prices as cheap as possible, so all of my fans can attend my shows!

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