Solidisco brought the disco to WIP nightclub in New York City Thursday night. Celebrating the release of their hit, “Never Let You Go,” on Fool’s Gold Records, the DJ duo brought the old school and the new to a nicely mixed crowd. The stylish WIP venue hosted the party and it was equally exotic and tantalizing as the music played by its guest DJs. The boys turned up the volume and went straight into their set with hit after groovy hit from, “Never Let You Go” to “Gotta Have It” to “Turn Around,” to their original with Bartouze, “Dream of You.” The crowd was dancing like it was 1975 and the boys were jammin’ right with everyone. Some notable Solidisco remixes included in the short and sweet set was a funky rendition of Icona Pop’s “I Love It,” as well as Zedd’s “Clarity,” and, of course, Justice’s “We Are Your Friends.” Solidisco brought a modern twist to an old sound, turned a nightclub into a discoclub, and put on a refreshing DJ performance for dance music. As they continue to expand their presence and tour schedule, the dance music community can look forward to a lot more disco with Solidisco. Head over to the group's Soundcloud page to hear more from Solidisco!

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