If you're anything like me, you're a headphone junkie, constantly searching for the perfect product to enhance your music listening experience. While searching for that perfect pair of headphones, there are several different factors that affect your enjoyment of a product. Quality, durability, comfort, style, and affordability are all major aspects that play a role. However, if you are looking for a product that covers each of these aspects, then look no further than Sol Republic's new Master Tracks headphones.

Sol Republic has been a major player in the headphone game for some time, with custom edition headphones by artists like Steve Aoki and deadmau5. I have been a big fan of their "On Ear" model for as long as I've owned them, as the sound quality is as good, if not better, than any other headphone I've used. However, my ears would begin to hurt from being pressed on by the phones if I were to use them for an extended period of time (a problem I've had with many headphones). Being an editor for a music platform who commutes to and from work, it is needless to say that I am sporting my headphones literally all day. With the Master Tracks' over-ear design, these headphones are the comfiest pair I've ever used. The soft padding that surrounds the ear, and swivel design of the ear pieces, fit for added comfort, and work to cancel out the noise of the outside world. Finally, a headphone that separates my music from the sound of the train, and the occasional individual demanding your attention on the subway.

"Excuse me, everyone... can I have you attention?"...

"Nope, not today, homeless guy."

While in your isolated bubble of music, you will find that the Master Tracks provide fantastic sound quality. The clear sound and deep bass the headphones deliver let you hear the music the way it was intended; perfect for electronic music addicts like myself. The pristine sound quality makes this product perfect for simply listening to and enjoying your music, as well as producing. While I'm no producer (...just yet), if I was in the studio, these would be the headphones that I would use. I would imagine that these headphones will be just as good for DJing. When I'm a famous DJ/producer on my world tour, I will get back to you on that. Just in case you are a DJ and/or producer, the Master Tracks conveniently come with a DJ equipment adaptor to fit your headphones to your equipment.

Durability is certainly not something you need to worry about with Sol Republic, as each of their headphones models come equipped with their virtually indestructible headband. Just give it a twist and a bend to see how durable it is. You'll find that these headphones are battle-tested to withstand the abuse you'll put them through where other headphones fall short and leave you music-less. All of the headbands are interchangeable for those who wish to mix-and-match, as well. Also on the Master Tracks headphones are extra padding on the top of the headband for even more comfort.

While passing our examination with flying colors in the listening experience aspects, the Master Tracks doesn't stop there. People looking for a stylish pair of phones will enjoy the Master Tracks aesthetically pleasing design. The colors they are available in are a clean white, a sleek black, and a metallic blue, all that look absolutely stunning.

Last but not least, the Master Tracks are also friendly on your wallet. Such a quality headphone would usually go for 300+ dollars. However, the Master Tracks are priced at the affordable price of $199.99. You can pick them up on the Sol Republic website here.

Don't want to pay the $199.99 for these amazing headphones? Fair enough. Enter our contest to be one of 2 lucky fans to win a pair of the Master Tracks. Enter here!

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