Hailing from both coasts, the Miami and LA duo SLDGHMR released their Grid Living EP on the indie label Always Never on March 9. We can only assume that the title came about as a result of starting at a 16th note midi grid on the duo's DAW of choice.

The eight-track EP is fronted by their Crywolf collaboration "We Could Be Heaven," which currently has almost 4 times as any of the other tracks on Grid Living. The tune strikes a balance between post-hardcore inspired singing, a la A Skylit Drive and Madeon's glitched French electro-house drops. Definitely worth a listen if you're the type of person to glance out your window as the pale moonlight spills onto your Macbook. Bad Catholics and Fukkk Offf both released remixes of "We Could Be Heaven" and turned the tune into a work of filthy dubstep. While many believe dubstep is on life support, these remixers are skilled in the ways of the bass and proved their mettle.

Sticking with their ominous foggy aesthetic, SLDGHMR team up with half of The Cool Kids, Chuck Inglish and Stanford U alumni K. Flay in a refreshing hip-hop track titled "How It Works." Chuck blessed the beat with zesty bars like "I could barbeque a bear if I had to, but peep how I rhyme so casual." Suffice to say, anyone who could barbecue a bear while rapping casually is someone you'd want on your team once the zombie apocalypse strikes. The EP is going for a bargain $5 on iTunes so pick it up now.