NEST HQ been bringing us not only the best exclusive and behind-the-scenes footage of your favorite OWSLA artists, but they've also become an esteemed platform for the release of both new and established artists. Already gracing their list of releases are tracks from Anna Lunoe, AC Slater, Zomboy, and Worthy, as well as a number of up and coming artists like ABSRDST, Durante, and Habstrakt - just to name a few. You can peep their entire collection of releases on the NEST HQ official website.

Their newest release is something truly special. Remember Nick Thayer? Well, now the Melbourne-based OWSLA producer is back with his new project, signal:noise. The first release under this new moniker is a proper introduction, and comes in the form of a collaboration with St. Louis producer Jay Fay. 'Trunk' brings an infectious beat that comes complete with jungly hand drums, until the track builds to it's big room drop.

Even in a time where the big room has begun to blend together, this track separates itself from the repetitious festival sound that fans are starting to reject. It's a pure production that breathes life back into the genre, and hints at the greatness that may come at the hands of these two artists.

Just like all of the previous NEST HQ releases, the track is available to fans for download free of charge. You can download the track on the official NEST HQ website, and watch for more great releases to come from signal:noise and Jay Fay soon.

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