It's been almost a year since German producer Timo Jahns uploaded his remix for the timeless 'Pearls' by Sade and now it's ultimately seeing the light of day as an official release. Uploaded to Timo Jahns' Soundcloud in February 2014, his remix lets Sade's vocals beam while he spreads his deep house flavor. Light and refreshing, the track oozes with emotion and grace. The edit is by no means new but sometimes dreams do come true and Timo Jahns is finally getting the recognition he deserves for his smooth and atmospheric remix.

Proving to be a producer on the rise, Timo Jahns is a mainstay in the German underground club scene who is ready to break out of the basement and into the clubs all over the world. With official remixes on labels like Ponsactrilau, Underyourskin Records, Neverending, Cometomusic, Klang Gymnastik and 9Volt, as well as his own imprint FREUNDCHEN RECORDS, he established himself as a quality producer and DJ. Just last year he stepped out in a big way with remixes for Melody Gardot and Bon Iver. Now, with a stellar remix for 'Pearls' we can see that Timo Jahns has a bright future indeed.

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