There seems to be no shortage of opportunities available to budding producers in the world of EDM. Kyau and Albert are the next in line with a remix contest of their latest hit, 'Another Time'. With strong vocals and memorable melodies, the track is sure to have you inspired to recreate.

Here are the official rules:

1. Don't give your remix to anybody else yet or upload to the internet! Every remix which is available somewhere before we start our DJ promo gets disqualified! We want to have the remixes exclusively until we start the release campaign.

2. Download the remix parts of 'Another Time' here, so you can begin work on your own interpretation.

3. Please email your remix to (ONLY in mp3 format at 192kbps!)

**VERY IMPORTANT** - be sure you name your remix in the following style; ArtistName -RealName-Email.mp3 (eg:

The deadline in August 12th so get to work ASAP!

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