Aspiring DJs and producers, get in the empire state of mind. New York City is scheduled to host the inspiring and innovative Red Bull Music Academy in 2012. The Academy invites musicians from around the world to apply to be involved in five weeks of workshops, concerts, club nights, etc. in all five of the diverse and infamous buroughs of the Big Apple. Each participant is able to work on their original music in custom built studios and attend lectures from seasoned professionals.

Any lover and maker of music, from DJs to vocalists, instrumentalists or producers can apply for the program through the Red Bull website, or attend one of the introductory Red Bull Academy sessions to learn more. The program is moved from city to city each year, and with the iconic Harlem jazz district to CBGB's punk rock history New York is by far one of the most ideal locations worldwide to host a gathering of some of the most talented underrated musicians.

Red Bull Academy Official Website

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