React Presents and The Mid, brought Sander Van Doorn to the stage on February 16th for what was a memorable set to say the least. Sander hit the stage around 2 am, which from past Mid shows I feel like was a little late for him to be going on (usually the headliner goes on around 1:30). The crowd was ready to rumble as Sander started his set. Bodies were grooving as the dance floor got packed. Every track Sander started with just had this perfect sound to it, whether it was a remix or an original.

This set was packed with notable tracks, but there was also those tracks that not even the most educated club head could put their fingers around. The transitions were spectacular and flawless, at one point he went from Joe Brunning’s “Let me see you work” to W&W’s “The code.” After that I’m not too sure what happened but from what I could understand it went from progressive house anthems to some tech-house tribal sounding music for the next 30 minutes or so. Doorn dropped his more recent hit “Joyenergizer,” and another club anthem by Alesso called “Years,” before finishing up his set.

It was nearly 4:30 or so and the lights started to come back on, and Sander was still rocking it out for the people that stuck around and survived the night. Sander threw one hell of a party, probably one of the better set lists I’ve heard at The Mid. He didn’t just play club anthems that you hear week in and week out, but rather anthems that were good that you had no idea who even made the original track. Sander never has disappointed the times I have been fortunate to see him, his sets are always unique, and he uses the craziest tracks but makes it work somehow. Hopefully we won’t have to wait another year to have him back there.

Written By: Derek Bogseth

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