Stockholm, Sweden's Alessandro Lindblad, more commonly known as Alesso, recently released the second single from his forthcoming debut LP on Def Jam Recordings.  Alesso let fans know that the album is heavily inspired by the sound of the 80s and characteristic rock groups like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Keane and Coldplay in his interview with Billboard late January.  Alesso also stated that the reason he hasn't put out that many records was because he has to be 100% pleased with the finish product and won't settle for a flaccid 90%.

Now we can pinpoint the reason why the few songs he's released have become such classics, "Calling (Lose My Mind)," "Years" and his most recent radio smash "Heroes" come to mind as prime examples.  The effort on Alesso's part to create music that will stand the test of time and isn't an attempt to jump on EDM's fickle bandwagons is vividly expressed in the heartfelt melodies that've made him the international phenomenon he is today.  Stay tuned for more new music to come from Alesso very soon.

"Cool" features vocals from Los Angeles born and American Highway bred Roy English, who released put out his first solo single of 2015 entitled "Julianne" with production from Stefan Ponce (known for his work with Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper).  Along with vocals from a burgeoning talent, the song verses are made from the intro of Australian born pop veteran Kylie Minogue's 2010 single "Get Outta My Way," who also shared her love of the 2015 appropriation of her track on her Twitter.

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