Mark knight is in the house, Mark Knight is in the house, repeated over and over, as Mid resident Nathan Scott got off the decks, and made way as the king of Toolroom knights took over. It was around 1:30 am when the legend got the crowd hyped as he clapped his hands to the house beats we have all come to love. The Mid was at capacity with only room to dance the evening/early morning away. With a smile as big as can be it was obvious this was something that Mr. Knight truly loved doing.

Geared up with 4 CDJ’s, Knight not only played the tech-house that had made him the God amongst DJ’s he is, but also kept it downright dirty. The crowd was energized from the moment he took the stage, and started to get wild when he played the popular anthem “percolater” by hometown favorite, Cajmere aka Green Velvet. Not only was he dropping his monster hits like his remix of Florence and the Machine’s hit “You’ve got the love,” “The man with the red face,” and “Concicindo.” He also kept it pleasant for the avid Knight fan, by playing original mix’s that the average clubgoer wouldn’t know.

From the minute he stepped on stage to the moment he got off, Knight had the crowd moving all night long. From grinning all night, to face timing on fans cell phones, to keeping the crowd cool with random CO2 bursts, this was truly a set to remember. Not only is Mr. Knight a master of tech-house, but he perfects everything in the Electronic Dance Music realm. This was a musical treat for Chicago, until next time Mr. Knight.

Written By: Derek Bogseth

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