August 17th Chicago welcomed the Pryda Friends Tour to The Palladium at the Chicago Castle Nightclub. This tour consisted of two rising stars on the Pryda Label, Jeremy Orlander and Fehrplay. This was a bound to be a special night as not only are these two making waves in the EDM world with their dark melodies and bass driven sound, they have taken what Eric Prydz has perfected and made their own amazing unique sound. Jeremy Olander opened up the night and had the crowd going from the minute he stepped on the decks. Playing such a versatile set with a demanding progressive sound, he switched it up and played decent amounts of techno as well. The mesmerizing tune of “Let me Feel,” was pure bliss, really brought the emotion out in the crowd. Other notable tracks were the classic “Norrsken” and “Petroleum.” Olander’s set did what music should do, it should make you get lost in it, and he truly succeeded. Next on deck was no stranger to Chicago recently as this was his third appearance in roughly 6 months, Fehrplay. Fehrplay brough the perfect sound to counter Olander, playing an array of deep house, techno, and the genre that was built in Chicago house. The booming sound system at Castle had the crowd dancing and jumping as he dropped his most recent hit “Monte.” It’s a rarity you see sets in clubs and hear mostly original tunes, Fehrplay did just that. You could really see the likeness of Prydz in both of these Pryda Friends. Just when Fehrplay finished, and you thought the show was over, Olander hopped back on and they continued to do a back-to-back set. Their sounds are perfectly different, where it was perfection for another 45 minutes or so, when they finished no one wanted to go home. As what was still a decent sized crowed chanted for one more song, but that was it for the night as it was closing time. These two are talented and young, and in a short time have accomplished so much, they have a promising future, and to think that they can get even better is a scary thought in itself. We had the chance to sit down with both of them for an interview so stay tuned for those interviews coming soon!

Written by: Derek Bogseth

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