Martin Garrix is not your average seventeen year old. In fact, Martin is living the dream of many aspiring DJs young and old. Being the youngest producer ever to have a number one track on Beatport with his mega popular track “Animals,” Garrix achieved a remarkable feat for any producer. Somehow, Martin is still able remain a normal seventeen-year-old during the week by attending school and hanging out with friends. It is no question that Martin Garrix is extremely talented and undoubtedly has a long, promising, career ahead of him. Thankfully for fans, he shows no sign of slowing down!

Check out my interview with Martin Garrix below!

What made you to want begin djing? How old were you?
August 2004 Tiesto played during the Olympics, and when I saw that on television my interest in the whole DJ'ing/producing thing started. From that point I saved up some money for a simple DJ set and downloaded some programs on my computer, which allowed me to produce my own music. I was getting more focused on producing when I was about 11-12 years.

Who are some DJs you admire?
Alesso, Hardwell, Sebastian Ingrosso & Tiesto

What is it like to be a young DJ in a predominantly adult business?
Sometimes I forget I'm 17 because I'm surrounded with people who are older, not only the DJ's, but also the people who attend the shows. The average age from visitors is around 21. But anyway, age is just a number. When I'm back home at school or with my friends I realize that I'm 17 again.

How do you balance school when your constantly traveling?
I attend a special school for musicians, which supports my career to the fullest. As long as I'm going to school I'm barely doing gigs during the week, only during the weekends. Although school enables me to take time off to tour a couple of times a year.

Do you ever have time to see your friends from home?
During the week I'm home for school which also allows me to see my friends and family. And I have 2 months a year that I'm not touring and only producing music and chill with friends. Sometimes I fly my friends out to my shows.

Do you have any people in the business around your age you became friends with that could relate to your lifestyle?
Julian Jordan is the best example. He's a good friend of mine and has practically the same lifestyle. Last year we were in the same class, and we're still doing a lot of shows together! We also have track called "BFAM" and we're now working on the follow up.

Being that your a popular DJ, how do you feel about the all the attention you receive?
It's crazy what's happening right now, it feels good, but the also makes me aware that people are watching every step I take. The attention is motivating me to produce more music, but in the other hand it puts a lot of pressure on me. People are having really high expectations when I release a new track right now, because of the success of "Animals."

What are some goals you have for the future?
Playing the main festivals all over the world and make lots of music. I would love to produce music for other artists in different genres. I can't wait what the future brings.

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